201.1 Index Cards for Windows

Modified on Wed, 11 May 2022 at 01:48 PM by NoteDex Support

Q: I currently use the Index Cards for Windows app - is NoteDex compatible?

A: Ah, yes, a good question... the short answer is No, unfortunately.  
To make a next-generation cross-platform app we had to change the code, data structures and data types on the backend so unfortunately the data is not one-to-one compatible.  However, what we have done, to make the transition easier, is that you can use your current Index Cards for Windows app login, and when you login to NoteDex you will see a link on the left-side called "Index Cards' - where you can view - but not edit- all the stacks and cards in your Index Cards for Windows account.  Going forward we recommend you completely switch to NoteDex and start creating any new Cards in NoteDex.  You can certainly keep using the Index Cards app but please note that this app is no longer being actively maintained as we direct all efforts to NoteDex.


You can view your old Index Cards with the link on the left, assuming you have logged in with the same user account you used before. NoteDex will show the new icon and you will see your Index Cards Stacks like this:


When you click on a Stack it will download the images of the cards - again, you won't be able to edit them but you can see them.

If after you have synced the data it does not look right, there may have been a sync error.  Go into Settings and select 'Re-Sync Index Cards Data'.


To make the transition a bit easier, we also just introduced a covert to text option.  This will create a NoteDex Stack from a selected Index Cards Stack, but we only extract the text.  No pictures or ink - sorry!

To do this, select an Index Cards Stack and then click the Stack menu. A pop-up will come like this:


When you click OK it will create a new Stack - this process can take some time so please be patient.

SAVE 50%

As a thank-you to our Index Cards users, you can purchase Lifetime Access to the app with 50% discount -even after the 7-day trial finishes when the price would increase.


We still have the app available but only for people who originally bought it.  To download the old Index Cards app please go to the Microsoft Store app, then go to 'Library'. Once you click there you will see all the apps you have purchased and Index Cards will be one of them.  You can download and then login to get to your data.  



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