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NoteDex has many settings to help you customize and personalize NoteDex for maximum productivity. The Settings are found using the icon on the bottom left:


The Settings page has many options which we will list here with their explanation:


These first are fairly straight forward.

Version number: The current version of the app you are on. The app has an advanced self-update feature. Each time you load the app it will check for updates and automatically update.

Default Font Size: Set the font size for new cards

Default New Card Color: Set the color for new cards

Stack Size: Set the Stack size on home screen - 4 choices from Extra Small to Large.  Helpful if you want to cram more Stacks in your view

Card Size: Set the Card size in thumbnail view - 4 choices from Extra Small to Large


Sometimes you want to see the card number (also called Rank) shown in thumbnail views- helpful often for writers.


Tablet/Mobile mode (use touch to scroll) - depending on the device you are using we try to set the right touch or mouse settings for you - but sometimes the system will not detect how you want to work correctly. 

The main point here is that when you are using NoteDex on a computer, you will most likely be using a mouse. If the setting is switched off like shown in the image above, then you can use your mouse to drag Stacks and Cards, and you will use the scroll bar (or two-finger scroll on trackpad) to scroll down.

If you are on a tablet, or using your Windows computer tablet as a touch-device, then the system may not recognize that you want to use your fingers to scroll.  This is when you want to come into Settings and make sure this is set to on. Then you will be able to use your fingers to scroll. If you don't you'll find that system will think you want to move the Stack or Card with your finger - which you probably don't want to and will find annoying.

If you are on a mobile or tablet we automatically set this for you - this setting is just in case you need to override the system.

Right-Panel expanded - If you want to have the Productivity Sidebar show automatically when you start the app

Auto-Detect Pen - NoteDex will automatically detect an active stylus pen to take notes - like the Surface Pen, iPad Pencil, or Samsung S-Pen. However, in some cases you don't want NoteDex to start inking when you use the pen - for example if you want to use the device built in ink to text recognition or if you want to use the pen as a mouse device.

Auto-Save - When you are editing a card we have the save icon - but with this switched on it will automatically save after 10 seconds of inactivity when editing.

Sync Each Time App Opens - as it suggests, the app will sync data each time it is opened. If you are using multiple devices probably a good idea to keep this on so that you know you stacks are syncing all the time.  If you switch this off, NoteDex will still do a sync each 24 hours but in between those times you should just click the sync icons when you want to check for new data. 

Place Cursor Automatically - This is good for mainly keyboard users - when you add a new card the cursor will be automatically placed in the title area ready for you to type.  If you are a pen user this is best kept off since you will need to press the ink icon to switch modes.


Quick Note: Default Stack - Used for the Productivity Sidebar - Select which Stack the dropdown in the Quick Note section should default to

Quick Note: Default Card Color - Used for the Productivity Sidebar - Select default Quick Note Color


Background: You can choose from images or solid color background for your NoteDex background image.  When you click this it might take a few seconds to load all the images initially. Once launched it will look like this where you can change your background image, select your own, or use color - we even have the color picker so you can choose any color you like:




Update Stack Rank Order - If your Stacks are in the wrong order on different computers, you can 'reset' the sequence by clicking this. It will ensure Stacks are renumbered correctly.  Stacks can get wrong Rank number if you create two Stacks on two different computers without syncing between them first.

Check for New Version - As it says, a check to make sure you are on the latest version

Re-Sync NoteDex data - NoteDex stores data both locally on your device, as well as in the Cloud.  If for any reason there is a sync issue, the data on the cloud is the 'master' version.  If you find your data is not looking right, perhaps there may have been a data downloading issue.  Just click this button and a message will show that your local data has been cleared. When you click on the home page it will do an initial sync of getting all your Stacks - and then when you open a Stack it will download data for each Stack again.  This will help you to get a clean set of data again should it be needed. You will not lose any data - all data is stored on the cloud.

Please Rate our App on Microsoft Store - If you are using the Windows app we would very much appreciate your review. This is a new app launched and your reviews will really help us. Thank you!

Customer Portal - If you have bought the app using our Web interface using Stripe you will see this link - it will direct you to your account page on Stripe showing if you have any subscription. Note: We have recently changed our pricing model and no longer offer subscriptions.

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