101.6 Card Category Tags and Favorites

Modified on Sat, 18 Nov 2023 at 05:42 PM

You can categorize cards with tag labels.

It can be helpful to use different category tags, so you can visually pick out cards, or even use to filter cards.

Cards have a name and a color. 

By default all tags you add to a stack are unique to that stack. However, if there are tags you use a lot across all your stacks you can add them in a Global Tags list.


Once you click on 'Edit Tags' you can create a number of tags by entering the name, change the font or background color, then click 'Add Tag'

For example if you are creating a set of cards to hold different recipes, one of your categories might be 'Smoothies'


Once the Tag is created you can click the Tag dropdown again and you will see the new Tag you created. 


Now you can select it for the card if desired.


You will also notice that if a Tag has been selected for a card, it will no longer show in the list of Tag choices.

Finally, if you want to add a tag to the 'Global' set, just choose the 'Global Tags' dropdown:


We'll now add a 'To-Do' tag with Orange color which is a useful tag across all stacks in general.

You'll see that the To-Do choice is shown in the list of choices. Global tags are shown after the card tags.


If you delete a Tag it is removed from all cards. There can be a processing delay while NoteDex removes Tag references.

To Delete a Tag from a stack click the 'Edit Tags' and it will bring the pop-up menu like this:

Finally, you can also mark a card as a 'Favorite'. You can see the 'star' icon on the toolbar, and also if you roll your mouse over a card in the thumbnail view. You can filter cards easily as favorites and also see favorites in the sidebar

Roll mouse over card thumbnail and mark a card as favorite on/off:


Sort cards by Favorites simply by clicking this icon:


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